The Third Person. Track the Picture Motion from the Original Sound - audio (45:00) (work in progress)

The Third Person includes automatic composition methods inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's poem, 'A Dream Within A Dream'.

The individual lines from the poem were typed into the search window of YouTube and the first clip that appeared for each was used to inspire content as well as providing timing cues for scenes and the overall length of the piece – see Film section

Then individual letters contained within the poem that are also used in music notation, were isolated to provide melodic phrases. For example, the title of the poem 'A Dream Within A Dream' results in the phrase 'a-d-ea--------- a-d-ea-', where both the letters/notes and dashes signify a beat in a bar.

The repeated activation of an alarm clock's snooze option creates a dream-like setting.

This soundwork is created by layering these recorded automatic musical notations and pre-existing audio content, before segments and passages are partially stripped away, leaving isolated moments to combine into a new form.

The project is in development and will be realised in the form of an abstract radio play or film soundtrack.

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